Philosophy & Mission Statement

phylosophy     Our mission is to combine our unique local capabilities with that of Coldwell Banker’s and be Lakeside’s Standard of Excellence in all aspects of real estate services offering the most knowledgeable and innovative team at work with an uncompromising committment to maximizing customer and client satisfaction using the highest standard of ethics and professionalism.

     Our philosophy is to provide full client satisfaction with a happy and healthy environment for all individuals in the company and to enable them to grow professionally and personally.

     Nuestra MISIÓN es lograr un nivel de excelencia en el servicio que se le da al cliente de Bienes y Raíces,  enfatizando siempre el conocimiento de productos y servicios, así como el nivel de profesionalismo y ética proporcionado por cada una de las personas en la compañía.
     Nuestra  FILOSOFÍA es tener un ambiente sano y agradable para todas las personas que forman parte de nuestra compañía, lograr motivar a cada uno para que llegue a su crecimiento personal y profesional y así de manera individual y como equipo Chapala Realty Coldwell Banker proporcione una entera satisfacción al cliente.

Company Background & History

history     The name Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty (formerly Chapala Realty) heralds the unique combination of a 100-year-old tradition as one of the most trusted names in real estate with over 35 years of local market experience. With this heritage behind them, our customers are secure in the knowledge that they are getting the best representation possible when it comes to their property purchase decision in Lake Chapala.

     Chapala Realty was founded in the spring of 1976 by Richard Tingen and his wife Cuca. The original location was a modest office of only two rooms on Avenue Madero. With energy and skill, Richard hustled listings and sold homes while Cuca handled the phone and bookkeeping. Directly across from the plaza in Chapala, this simple establishment became the birth site of a major business. Through diligence the company grew at a slow, but steady pace. A testimony to this progress, the office moved to larger quarters next door to Banamex; the staff was increased, including salespeople, secretaries, management and maintenance personnel.

     In addition, Chapala Realty was incorporated as Chapala Bienes Raices, S.A. in 1984. In order to accommodate larger staff, more salespeople, and a new reception area, another move was necessary. In 1985, the company moved to its present location on Avenue Hidalgo; a charming old building which has been restored and remodeled.

     In 1998, a branch office was opened in the neighboring town of Ajijic. Constantly improving and broadening its horizons, Chapala Realty has entered the construction and development phase of real estate. The company has built over 50 homes for prospect purposes, as well as constructing custom homes for private clients. Such endeavors include the renovation of an old Chapala property, which was converted into a shopping center.

     In early 2000, Chapala Realty became a Coldwell Banker affiliate. For over 100 years, Coldwell Banker has earned a reputation as the premier real estate company in North America. As an affiliate, we added the nationally recognized name and reputation of a real estate industry leader. Combining our unique local capabilities with those of Coldwell Banker’s, we are now regarded as the premier real estate company in Lake Chapala.

     Presently, Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty has over 100 homes, condos and lots listed for sale in the lakeside area, homes and condos range in price from 30,000 to 800,000 USD. Building lots are also available in all areas, along with the sale of undeveloped land. In addition to sales, Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty deals with rentals and property management. The management department handles over 100 homes for clients, providing services such as: payment and supervision of domestic help, payment of utilities, and repairs. The company also possesses its own escrow department which takes care of all preliminary paperwork for transfer of title from sellers to buyers. Such an asset greatly facilitates and aids the role of the client.

     On the premises, the company offers the following services to clients and the community: Mail pick-up, long distance phone and message service, fax service, pick-up and delivery for United Parcel Service (UPS), advice and counseling on paying taxes, car registration, phone installation, and much, much more. Special "Behind the Walls" tours can be arranged for first-time visitors and maps of the area are always available. A contact for cars rentals can be provided, along with recommendations for hotels, restaurants, English speaking taxi drivers, florists, caterers, and legal advice on numerous and various subjects.

     Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty is an organization providing "full service" to the lakeside community. This coming spring we will celebrate our 40th anniversary of a productive business. As the biggest and oldest real estate brokerage company in Lake Chapala, we are proud of and devoted to our part in the growth of the lakeside community.