Peter St. John

Company: Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty
Company details:

I discovered the Chapala area ten years ago and spent the following nine months studying online before finally arriving for my first visit. The first website to pop up in my search was: Now, with nine years of living at Lake Chapala and the same in Real Estate sales, I offer you a mix of the eagerness of a newcomer tempered with the experience of a resident. "If I can't find it for you, it does not exist!"


  • 9 years experience in Chapala Real Estate Sales
  • I listen Twice, before speaking Once
  • I have an Aptitude for Exploration and Discovery
  • My Desire is to find what You are Seeking, not what I am Selling
  • A certified member of GIL, the Chapala Realtor's Association




Tel: 765-2877
Mobile: 3329416301
Address: Hidalgo #223
Chapala, Jal., México